Meet the team

Before you begin, we’d like to introduce a few important people who will be around throughout this course to answer your questions, offer you support, and share their experience with you.

Andrew Collins

Andrew leads the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Picademy educator training program in North America. He likes to run, hike, and bike around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Carrie Anne Philbin, the lead educator on this course, is currently on maternity leave. In the meantime, Andrew will be stepping into her shoes to answer your questions and take part in discussions.

Richard Hayler

Richard leads the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s citizen science programme, including the Weather Station project. He’s an engineer who’s easily distracted by comics, music, rugby, and LEGO. His quest to combine them into a single activity is ongoing.

Dana Augustin

Dana supports the Raspberry Pi Certified Educator community in North America. She’s passionate about cultural diversity and equity. She enjoys painting, exploring new places, meeting new people, and eating great food.

Mark Calleja

Mark is a teacher, a maker, a hacker, and an avid breaker of stuff. (He usually breaks it better though.) As one of the gizmologists at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and a member of the outreach squad at Makespace Cambridge, he knows a thing or two about getting dirty in the workshop.

makerspace collage final

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