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BIM perspectives from other regions

Having looked at the situation in Europe and Africa, you now find out about BIM adoption and implementation in other global regions.

Read two articles that provide a thorough review of BIM adoption around the world: ‘BIM Adoption and Implementation around the World: Initiatives by Major Nations’ (Singh 2017) and ‘Global BIM – which countries have adopted Building Information Modelling?’ (Mistry N n.d).

Two further regions that are discussed in these articles are Asia and North America.


In Asia, countries like Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, India and Malaysia are already implementing BIM in their projects (Singh 2017; National Building Standards 2016; Ismail, Chiozzi and Drogemuller 2017).

However, it is observed that there is a slow pace in adopting BIM in Asian countries compared to some parts of the world, like Europe. There are several obstacles affecting the adoption ranging from cultural mindset, needing to stick to the old approaches of 2D plans, and difficulty in finding BIM trained professionals.

North America

The American region has an interesting history of BIM adoption and implementation. Despite BIM having been around since the 1980s, it was only in the early 2000s that implementation of BIM became noticeable in some states of the USA (Singh 2017).

In Canada, adoption varies by state, so some are still lagging behind in adopting BIM for their projects. It also varies by the fact that:

‘some projects utilise the complete suite of BIM project options where others only use the technology for mechanical, electrical, and building envelope components’ (Orr 2017).

Your task

In your locality, what is the adoption timeline, the responsible authority, and the standards used?

Consider the trend of adoption of BIM by the nations featured in this section. What do you think is the best way to speed up adoption?


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