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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 seconds I am trying to tackle the challenge of change management with BIM and resistance to change. And i’m also trying to explain what are the effective learning strategies that they can apply in their companies in order to implement BIM. For my research, I did around 20 interviews across the UK. I tried to have diverse opinions and diverse backgrounds, and also, I tried to speak with people who were already consultants with BIM management or they were involved with BIM projects as BIM managers or design managers so that they can really understand the processes in depth. There is not one solution for all because it depends on the size of the company and the resources they have.

Skip to 0 minutes and 58 seconds What I found is that learning we’re doing or just trying the software on their own was the most effective, but in the end, they all said that they also need some kind of support from their top management. So, they need resources, they need training to have that top down element which is support, but also have the bottom up, which is having people in the team who are motivated, who feel like that is something that will bring them benefits.

Conducting research into BIM

In this section, discover what the future of BIM might look like and explore potential careers in BIM-related fields.

In this video, Nada Milivojevic, a Coventry University PhD student, presents her research.

Nada is conducting research on change management in BIM and resistance to change. She is also investigating how effective learning can be applied by various organisations as a means for implementing BIM.

In her research, she has surveyed practitioners and consultants working on projects that incorporate BIM in the UK.

Her findings demonstrate that there are several solutions that can be used depending on factors such as company size and resource availability.

Your task

According to the summary of Nada’s research, training is one of the factors needed to improve the application of BIM.

What other areas of research can you think of that would enhance the effect of BIM?

Think of possible topics and explain why you think they would lead to improvements.

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