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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds Let’s have a look at what we’ve covered in this short course. We’ve explored underlying BIM concepts, and what’s driving adoption around the world. We’ve also found out that while different professions use BIM in different ways, it’s becoming increasingly essential means of communication. Remember that BIM is a significant part of the construction methodology and there are strong indicators that will enter regulatory framework in the near future. This is the end of the free and open part of our course. For those who are taking the full online MSc in Construction Management with BIM, next week we start to explore BIM in greater depth. As part of the course, we will support learners towards gaining the professional BRE BIM approved graduate qualification.

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 seconds I hope that you found this course interesting, useful and fun. I hope that it has encouraged you to take your studies further. Goodbye for now.

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Congratulations on completing this short course.

In the video, Danny McGough concludes by highlighting some of the main areas the course has covered and inviting you to consider continuing your study with Coventry University Online.

In this course, you have explored many aspects of BIM and its importance to the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.

You have:

  • Explored what BIM is and what it means to industry experts in diverse fields;

  • Defined different levels of BIM adoption and identified the key factors necessary to apply BIM to projects;

  • Discovered perspectives of BIM and seen examples of BIM adoption globally;

  • Debated arguments both for and against the adoption of BIM;

  • Investigated the impact of BIM in your region and shared your findings with fellow learners; and

  • Discussed the future direction of research in BIM and imagined how new technologies will affect BIM

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Thank you for joining us in this course, an ‘Introduction to Building Information Modelling’. We hope that you have enjoyed it and feel inspired to learn more.

This short course forms the introductory two-week course for a program in Business Information Management (BIM) Foundation, which forms part of the online MSc Construction Management with BIM offered by Coventry University.

It is a fully online postgraduate course aimed at construction professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and acquire an internationally recognised qualification.

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