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Building Self-Awareness and Reflection with Your Family for Career Success

Learn to guide and support your child in exploring their passions, values, and goals for work happiness and a meaningful career.

Two teenagers completing a self mind map.
  • Duration

    2 weeks
  • Weekly study

    10 hours

Gain the skills to help your child find work happiness

Those who have made career choices out of necessity, not value, are likely to feel unfulfilled in their work. It is therefore paramount that our children learn to identify their values, passions, and skills to build a robust career compass and foundation for future career success.

On this two-week course, you’ll gain the insights and tools to support your child in finding work happiness.

You’ll learn how to guide them to self-reflect and make informed choices about their academic and professional pathways.

Discover the importance of self-understanding for your child’s career success

Delving into the concept of self-understanding, you’ll discover how it is imperative in helping to make the right career choices.

You’ll learn how to develop this understanding in yourself as well as your child to aid in personal and professional development.

Explore work motivation with your child

To help your child find work happiness, you’ll learn how to find out what motivates and inspires them and how this can guide their career choices.

Using interactive videos and activities, you’ll also discover the value of the right relationship between employee and employer.

Learn from the experts at NexGen

Throughout the course, you’ll be guided by the specialists at NexGen to ensure you gain the transferable skills to help your children pursue meaningful careers.

By the end, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to help create a career compass with your family.


  • Week 1

    The importance of self understanding for career success

    • Course Overview

      In this first activity we want to guide you through the structure of the course and introduce you to your facilitator. Let's go.

    • Have you found work happiness?

      When do careers become happy careers? Where do you find your work satisfaction?

    • Understanding Ikigai

      Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your 'reason for being. Your ikigai is your life purpose. It's what brings you joy and inspires you. What's your career Ikigai?

  • Week 2

    Working with your child [Kids & Parents]

    • Finding Work Happiness

      Now it's time for you to work with your child in exploring how to find their future work happiness.

    • Why Do You Work?

      We all have different work motivations from money to having a positive impact on others. Help your child uncover their own work motivations and drivers.

    • Finding Inspiration

      We live in a world with so much noise it's difficult to dig deeper and see what really inspires us. Take time with your child to reflect on those different things that give them joy as you find their inspirations.

    • Your Reflective Self

      Before your child can understand the type of industries, organisations or job roles they would like to explore they must first identify themselves. In this activity your child will reflect on all things self.

    • Your Self Mind Map

      In this final activity your child will bring all they have learned about themselves to form a current image of who they are, what career success looks like to them and where they find their inspiration. It's time to get creative!

Learning on this course

On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • An understanding of the importance of the value match between employee and employer for career success
  • The ability to use robust methods and situations to engage with their family to begin the process of self understanding in the area of personal and professional development
  • Confidence in creating a career compass with their family
  • An ability to navigate key tools around validating experiences and learning environments

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for parents with children who are at an age where they are making decisions about their academic or professional future.

Who will you learn with?

Helping parents support their children find success in the [Next Generation] workforce

Who developed the course?


NexGen look at the world of careers differently and understand that to thrive, not just survive in these changing times, you need to look at your professional life with a new perspective.

They help educators, learners and parents to better prepare for future careers and transition to the workplace through career design and skill training.

They have 10 years+ experience in creating and delivering digital and on site live programming.

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