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Review of the week

Thank you for completing this week’s study.

During this short course, we have examined a broad cross-section of threats and risks identified at global, national, and enterprise levels.

We’ve explored the need and value of incorporating World Economic Forum and National Risk Register data into planning assumptions and threat recognition factors.

We have also seen how challenges, oversights and mistakes can generate incidents that spiral out of control and expose an organisation’s key products and services, stakeholders, value, reputation and brand to business loss and/or disruption.

This week you have:

  • Discussed risks that are highlighted by external bodies such as the World Economic Forum
  • Explored the differences and similarities between public, private, third sector organisations in the requirements for business continuity and crisis management
  • Examined case studies of incidents that required business continuity or crisis management intervention
  • Been invited to take part in a peer review exercise to present a case for business continuity management to a company

We have provided a resource list for this course which you might find useful in your further studies.

Your task

At the close of this short course we’d like you to reflect on the following:

  • What did you find that was good, stimulating, or relevant about this past week’s activities?

  • Have this past week’s activities prompted you to explore ideas and concepts in greater depth?

  • Can you see how this past week’s learning applies to practice?

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Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management: An Introduction

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