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Capturing your thinking

As you embark on this course over the next few weeks, you will be navigating the waters of the global business environment, where you will be exploring, examining and engaging with multi-dimensional, complex and multifaceted issues, dynamics and concepts, underpinning existing explanations and understandings of globalisation and the geopolitical business environment.

As an active participant in the process of knowledge building as well as a critical reflective learner, you will be expected to map out the trajectory of your learning on this course through the use of a learning log.

Starting from the position that the global business environment is constructed by different worldviews that are informed by our contextualised experiences and encounters, and given that some of these subjectively constructed views are more dominant and totalising than others, it becomes pertinent that as students and practitioners of global business, we are able to develop a holistic framework and spectrum of thought to guide our thinking and actions in order to generate a wide range of variegated ideas, hence dislodging a myopic understanding of the global business environment.

To this effect, this learning activity is meant to serve as a platform to help you understand your views, experiences, encounters and understandings in comparison to others and offer you a safe space for critical reflection.

In doing this learning log, it will be helpful to think of but not be limited to the following:

  1. What have you learned new that you did not know before about globalisation and the global business environment?

  2. What new knowledge and insights have you developed from your discussions and interactions with fellow students on the course?

  3. Which of your views have changed and to what?

  4. How has what you have learned helped you as a global business student or practitioner?

  5. Moving forward, how do you intend to use and apply your new insights and knowledge into the future.

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