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Experiencing institutions with different cultures

What type of corporate culture do you prefer working in? Do you feel more comfortable and satisfied working in a corporate culture that champions employees’ benefits and their personal development?

A supportive corporate culture can also be a good advertisement for the organisation in terms of attracting talent and potential new business.

Your task

Using your prefered browser, search for ‘Harold Port, TEDx Lugano, Leader’s Secret Asset’ to find the ‘Corporate Culture - Leader’s Secret Asset’ talk.

Watch Port’s talk and think about how a company can establish an appropriate culture to help create an environment that makes it more likely that it will be high performing.

Alterntatively, read Upgrade Your Organisational Culture: 10 Quick Tips.

Share in the comments what you think the top three things are that should be prioritised by a company to create an appropriate culture that will help lead to higher performance.

Have your fellow learners prioritised the same things? Take some time to comment on their thoughts.

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