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A real-world case study

In the previous steps, you explored eight cultural value dimensions. In this step, you will have the chance to use these dimensions to explore a real-world company.

Your task

Select an international company that you are familiar with (eg your present or past company, somewhere you would like to work or perhaps one you are interested in).

Then, using the model of culture diagram and the cultural dimensions table from Step 2.9, answer the following two questions in your learning log or private notebook:

  1. Without doing any research, how would you categorise the company in relation to each of the eight cultural dimensions? For example, for the time orientation dimension, do you think this company only focusses on its current performance and does not have a long-term plan?

  2. Now do some research on the company. Based on what you learn, would you change your original categories?

When you’re finished, join the discussion below by sharing your thoughts on the following question:

  • Looking at the company’s general performance, do you think it is successful in terms of running efficiently? If yes, why? If no, can you provide any recommendations for them to follow?

Take a moment to compare and respond to the thoughts and advice of your fellow learners.

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