Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsIn the 1870s the penny-farthing was invented right here in Coventry by James Starley. It was innovative, it was popular but it was dangerous. A few years later, a smart kid came along, his name was John Kemp Starley. When he had a look at the penny-farthing, he realised that while it was innovative and exciting, it was also quite dangerous.

Skip to 0 minutes and 33 secondsHe thought of a number of innovations; if you reduced the size of the front wheel and

Skip to 0 minutes and 38 secondsincreased the size of the back wheel, so that they were of similar size and added a chain and gears, it would be a much safer bike, much stable and much

Skip to 0 minutes and 47 secondseasier to get on and off and guess what he called his innovation? (bell ringing twice) The Rover Safety Bicycle. And the design that Starley

Skip to 0 minutes and 56 secondscame up with back then is still with us today. And Starley didn’t just stop with bicycles – he carried

Skip to 1 minute and 2 secondson and invented motorcycles and invented cars and created the Mini. Great ideas are important. Whether it’s for your organisation, for your company, for your community or for your country but one has to think about

Skip to 1 minute and 18 secondswhether they can be implemented. One needs good advice and

Skip to 1 minute and 21 secondscareful consideration and careful consideration. And advice is what we do so well at Coventry University Online. The Masters in Business Administration is meant for people who seek the business

Skip to 1 minute and 32 secondsacumen to bring about a transformation in the world that

Skip to 1 minute and 35 secondsthey live in. The two-year long Masters Programme goes beyond

Skip to 1 minute and 39 secondsthe two-week open course you are currently studying to connect

Skip to 1 minute and 43 secondsyou with modern industry concepts of global relevance while being applicable to your own environment. With tutors who are intellectually

Skip to 1 minute and 50 secondsrigorous but also practically relevant. This is an intensive programme where

Skip to 1 minute and 55 secondspeople with ideas talk to peers across the world who have clever

Skip to 1 minute and 59 secondsideas of their own. We connect like-minded people far beyond the traditional classroom. Think Smart! Learn Fast! Get Online with the Coventry Online MBA.

Skip to 2 minutes and 11 secondsGot a good idea? What are you waiting for then? Get on your bike!

Welcome to the course

In this video, Professor Kai Peters, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry University, introduces you to Coventry University Online and the online MBA Programmes and he explains what makes a Coventry University MBA unique.

You will find out more about how this course will enhance your ability to respond to the needs of the modern world by thinking critically and strategically in seeking solutions to complex problems.

This short course will give you the opportunity to experience what it will be like to study online with us.

Welcome to Business Model Thinking

Do you have a business idea? Can your idea make a difference?

Learn how to add value to your business.

In this course you will learn how to assess the viability of your business idea and the value it will add to your business.

You’ll understand how businesses of all sizes can add value in a global market, and have societal impacts and benefit. You’ll also find out about the importance of vision, mission and value proposition for your business.

This short course is the introductory two-week course for a Program in Business Models and Processes which forms part of both the MBA and MBA (for the Cyber Security Management sector) online degrees at Coventry University delivered on FutureLearn.

This week …

Through this week’s activities you will:

  • be guided through developing a business idea (a template is provided in step 1.7.

  • explore how you will create value with your business idea (value proposition)

Meet the team

Your Lead Educator is Dr Matthew Bennett, Senior Lecturer, School of Strategy & Leadership, Coventry Business School.

Photo of Dr Matthew Bennett

He is joined by Dr Kasim Randeree, who is the Director of MBA Programmes at Coventry Business School.

Photo of Dr Kasim Randeree

You can follow them by selecting the link to their FutureLearn profile page and selecting ‘Follow’. That way, you’ll be able to see all the comments that they make including course updates and feedback.

Checking your progress …

When you reach the end of a step and have understood everything, select the ‘Mark as complete’ button. This will update your progress page, and will help you to keep track of which steps you’ve done. Any steps you’ve completed will turn blue on your ‘To do’ list.

You can check your progress page by selecting the icon at the top of the step, where you’ll see what percentage of the course steps you’ve marked as complete.

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