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Create your vision statement

We have shown that a good vision statement gives clear direction about a business’s strategic direction. There are, however, a number of additional elements that can be found in the best company visions.

If the direction is clear, the end goal must be easy to understand. With this visible target, employees and other stakeholders can easily see the extent of the company plans and ideas.

Importantly the goal (or goals) must be challenging and audacious – normally a five-year plan would be the target for a good vision.

Your task

Create a vision statement following the guidelines above and share it with fellow learners. You may wish to take this opportunity to ask for feedback from, as well as respond to, others.

Have a look at other learners’ vision statements. Can you identify which type of vision statement category they belong to? For example, are they ubiquitous, inspirational, corporate or for the advancement of human civilisation?

How did you find the experience of creating a vision statement? Was it simple or challenging? Do you think that it has developed your understanding of what your business focus will be?

Don’t forget to capture your thinking in the business idea template or in your learning log or portfolio.

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