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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds I hope you’ve enjoyed this early expedition into business model thinking. You should by now have come up with a new innovative business idea, formulated its value, named your company and detailed its vision, mission and values. In the coming weeks, you may choose to go further, create a complete business model framework, specify your new ideas value chain and revenue model, explore how your company fits into a globalised economy, processed design how your product or service will come to market and examine how your business can be sustainable to survive into the future. This short course is only the beginning of the Business Models and Processes module which is part of Coventry University’s online MBA degree. Please do

Skip to 1 minute and 3 seconds join us to learn more and to develop your business idea into a compete and actionable model.

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In this short video, Dr Kasim Randeree, Director of MBA Programmes at Coventry Business School, reviews the course.

In the first two sections we have introduced the concept of business model thinking, why such models exist and how they can be used to classify what sort of new idea you have. We have also illustrated where your idea might fit within a number of industry sectors (and sub-sectors).

We have explored the idea of a ‘value proposition’ and why it is vital to any successful business idea. The main factors behind successful start-ups – and why they may fail – have also been shown.

We have shown that naming your business can be critical to its success and long-term sustainability.

Whilst analysing the ideas of vision and mission, we have studied how they interact with each other, and how they must be a fundamental part of a business’s strategic direction.

The next course in the Business Models and Processes Program is Business Model Design where we will look in more detail at a number of existing business models and how your idea might fit into them.

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