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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds We’ve been talking about a hobby you enjoyed when you were a child, and I’d like to discuss with you one or two more general questions related to this. Let’s consider first of all children’s hobbies.

Skip to 0 minutes and 21 seconds How do children in your country spend their free time? To be honest, it’s quite difficult, because my childhood time and the now, it’s completely different, I can imagine. But still safer. And then children play in the park on their own.

Skip to 0 minutes and 45 seconds Do children have any other kinds of hobbies apart from playing? Of course they love a video game, video console thing.

Skip to 0 minutes and 57 seconds In fact, I think they stay indoor more than going outside, because they can play in front of TV all the time. So do they spend more time alone? I think so. So how do you think children’s hobbies have changed compared to your childhood? Well, it was quite a while ago. When I was a child, we don’t have any toys, very much around the house. So that’s the only way we could enjoy that’s going out. But nowadays, children’s got a lot of toys inside, and then maybe parents try to play them safely indoors, so that’s the reason. Do you think parents prefer them to be indoors?

Skip to 1 minute and 55 seconds Maybe they want them, children to play outside, but worry about society, that it’s better to watch them always, and keep them with them. And sometimes there are some children who don’t have any hobbies. Why do you think that is?

Skip to 2 minutes and 22 seconds Maybe children are getting less creation now because they’re from the baby, they’re always given and always everything around them. So they don’t need to think about what to do. So that’s why I think they lose their imagination and they just want to be told. Yes. OK.

Skip to 2 minutes and 52 seconds Let’s think about hobbies for adults.

Skip to 2 minutes and 57 seconds What are the advantages for an adult of having a hobby? I think, especially when they work, sometimes they would have a difficult time. But if they have a hobby, they can switch off what happened at the company or hard time, and can refresh their mind and then start with their clear mind again, so that’s quite good. And what kind of hobbies do adults do? Oh I can imagine like going to a sports gym and they do exercise, or even drinking, maybe. [LAUGHS] And some hobbies you do alone, and some you do as part of a group, they involve other people. What’s the difference between those types of hobbies?

Skip to 4 minutes and 9 seconds If you do something alone, you again, stuck on your own. But if you share your hobby or your opinion to people, that’s good to know yourself from other people. That’s the difference. So do you think there are more benefits to being with other people or being alone?

Skip to 4 minutes and 39 seconds I think in a group, that will more benefit yourself. But if you have a project yourself, of course you need the concentration. And what problems might your hobby cause for other people?

Skip to 5 minutes and 2 seconds Problem?

Skip to 5 minutes and 6 seconds It depends on the hobby, but if you push your opinion or what you believe to other people too much, I think people wouldn’t like it.

Skip to 5 minutes and 29 seconds You need a distance. OK, Misato, thank you very much. That is the end of the speaking test. OK, thank you very much.

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