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Here is a sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 task. Practise answering it – give yourself one minute to prepare, then speak for two minutes.

You can record your spoken response to the task using Vocaroo or SpeakPipe. You can add a link to your recording in the comments below.


Vocaroo and SpeakPipe both work well on a computer. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to use Speakpipe and download the free app.

How to use Vocaroo

  • Go to Vocaroo.

  • Click to record.

  • Allow the microphone to record you.

  • Record yourself (you can retry if you’re not happy with the recording).

  • Click to save the recording.

  • Share the link in the comments!

If you need any help with Vocaroo there are FAQs here.

How to use SpeakPipe

  • Go to SpeakPipe.

  • On a mobile device, follow the instructions to download the app.

  • Click ‘Start recording’.

  • Click ‘stop’ when you have finished, then choose ‘save on server’.

  • Share the link in the comments!

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