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Here is a sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 task. Practise answering it – give yourself one minute to prepare, then speak for two minutes.

You can record your spoken response to the task using Vocaroo or SpeakPipe. You can add a link to your recording in the comments below.

We won’t be able to listen to everyone’s examples, but make sure you look at our Educators’ comments and see if they could apply to you too. You can also comment on other people’s examples.


Vocaroo and SpeakPipe both work well on a computer. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to use Speakpipe and download the free app.

How to use Vocaroo

  • Go to Vocaroo.

  • Click to record.

  • Allow the microphone to record you.

  • Record yourself (you can retry if you’re not happy with the recording).

  • Click to save the recording.

  • Share the link in the comments!

If you need any help with Vocaroo there are FAQs here.

How to use SpeakPipe

  • Go to SpeakPipe.

  • On a mobile device, follow the instructions to download the app.

  • Click ‘Start recording’.

  • Click ‘stop’ when you have finished, then choose ‘save on server’.

  • Share the link in the comments!

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