Skip to 0 minutes and 1 secondHello, I'm Tom. Of one of the mentors on Inside IELTS. Thank you very much to everybody who's participated this week. It's been great to read all your comments. A lot of people have made some really interesting comments about the listening test, and about your feelings about listening in general. A lot of people have said something about why you find listening difficult, or why you think the listening skill is particularly challenging. For example, Viviana made a really interesting comment about why she finds it difficult in the IELTS test because you only have a chance to hear the recording once. And that makes her feel nervous and kind of under pressure. Viviana, you're certainly not alone.

Skip to 0 minutes and 47 secondsI've heard a lot of people say something similar. So what would be good advice if you feel this way? Well, I think Moses David has also made a really interesting comment, which is, I think, very good advice when you're listening. He said, it's important to listen with a purpose.

Skip to 1 minute and 7 secondsIn the test, that means it's important to understand exactly what you're listening for. So that means using the time to read the question, understand the task, and then when you're listening, you can understand exactly what your purpose is for listening to the recording. So that's in the IELTS test. And when you're practicing doing IELTS practice sample test questions, I think it's important to listen that way, too. But I wouldn't recommend that you spend all your time doing practice tests. Try to listen to a much broader range of things, too. So if you're listening to something else, how can you listen with a purpose?

Skip to 1 minute and 46 secondsWell, let's say, for example, you want to listen to a TED Talk about a topic that you find interesting. Well, in TED Talks, people often express opinions. So it's a good idea, before you start listening to the TED Talk, spend a little bit of time thinking about your own opinion on the topic. What do you think about the topic? And then, when you're listening, you have a bit more of a purpose. You can listen to find out if the speaker in the TED Talk has the same opinion as you. Or does the speaker introduce a different angle on the topic, which you hadn't thought about before? Or does the speaker change your mind, change your opinion on the topic?

Skip to 2 minutes and 28 secondsEither way, you'll be listening a bit more actively. On the other hand, if you're listening to a recording which is more factual or a piece of information, then it's a good idea before you listen to spend a bit of time thinking, what information do I want to get from this recording? What do I need to know? Again, that way, you won't be just listening passively, but you'll have a purpose for listening. So either way, I think it's really important when you're listening not to just listen and receive and passively receive the recording, but to have a purpose so that you know exactly why you're listening. And listen actively.

Skip to 3 minutes and 12 secondsOne more thing I'd like to say today. Last week, I shared some statistics, some numbers from the course about which countries had the most people studying on Inside IELTS. So I'd like to share a few more numbers this week, some more statistics from the course. This week, I'd like to share a few statistics from the study groups, which many of you have joined. So the study group which has the most people commenting, the study group where they've had the most people commenting, has been Wonderful Olive. So if you're in Wonderful Olive, congratulations. 46 different people have commented in Wonderful Olive. Another record is Exceptional Green. This has been the busiest study group in the last 24 hours.

Skip to 3 minutes and 55 secondsThere have been 17 new comments in the last 24 hours. So if you're in the Exception Green study group, you're in the busiest study group. It's also been really interesting-- I've been looking at some study groups, and I think it's been good to see that there have been more conversations this week. So rather than just commenting and ignoring other people, more people have been answering other people's comments, replying, asking questions, and developing conversations in the study groups. That's been really, really good to see. For example, in the Brilliant Green study group, I saw Stacy, and Cesar, on Shah, and Artemisa, and Supatsak, and Loris engaging in quite a nice conversation together. So please keep it up.

Skip to 4 minutes and 42 secondsAnd if you haven't joined a study group already, please do so. And make sure that you really use the study group to get to know your coursemates, and share your thoughts together about the course. So next week is Week 5, and that's the final week of Inside IELTS. Make sure you join us next week. And also join us for the video this time next week. There may be some more people here. I think Gad will be back next week, and there might be three or four of us together doing the video next week. So I hope to see you then. In the meantime, have a great weekend. Thank you.

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