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How to get the most from the course

We have divided the material into three weeks. The content will vary over the weeks, but the delivery methods will be similar. Each week we will include little quizzes to either gauge your starting knowledge or illustrate how well you remember the material from the week before. We will use videos to deliver a lot of the material. Our films may take the form of interviews with experts, demonstrations or animations that are designed to deliver the major concepts in a short, digestible format. We will also use articles to deliver key information in a written format and make sure these are supported by links you can click on to find out extra information.

We will also get you to direct some of your own learning as this will allow you to be flexible, and to research information that particularly interests you as a learner. We will call these activities ‘Case Studies’ and will always provide some background information and weblinks to get you started. Many of the areas we will cover this way are particularly important, so we also ask that, if you are willing, you share your findings with your fellow learners in the discussions. This has the advantages of allowing you to meet your fellow learners, providing extra interesting information and most importantly reinforcing your knowledge. We will also use the discussions for you to let us know what you think about the course. You might like to read Six tips and tools for social learning on FutureLearn.

We will join in with these discussions as much as possible, to keep you on track. However bear in mind that we are based in the UK whilst you may be anywhere else internationally. So don’t worry if we don’t respond straight away.

Finally, we will end the weeks with tests to show you how much you have learnt. We will include extra information and feedback in the answers so that you can see why the answers are either correct or incorrect. This will also help you learn. So here we go – let’s begin by seeing what you know about your immune system as you start the course.

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