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Create your own glossary

Create your own Glossary

Although we have tried to use approachable language in our materials, there will be a series of new key words related to cancer, immunology, and immunotherapy that you may not have heard before. This may be of particular relevance in the interviews with scientists about the immune system, and with our clinical colleagues about the therapies themselves. Rather than provide a detailed glossary as your companion, we would like you to take the opportunity to research unknown words as part of your self-directed learning.

It is important to evaluate medical information posted on the internet, so we would like to urge you to consider the reliability of the sources of the published articles that you might find during your searches.

You can write your glossary on paper or in an electronic document, but you can also create one in a blog or temporary text site which you can share with fellow learners. You just need to cut and paste the URL of your blog or text site and share in the discussion area.

We have FutureLearn guides on how to create a blog or use a temporary text site.

We are looking forward to reading your glossary entries!

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