Map of Endeavour River entrance in New South Wales, by James Cook
Entrance of Endeavour River in New South Wales, by James Cook

Royal Society Instructions

James Cook received an additional set of instructions from the President of the Royal Society, James Douglas, 14th Earl of Morton. These instructions are recommendations offered to those going on the exploration voyage and are referred to as ‘hints’ in the original correspondence.

Other people who received these ‘hints’ were Joseph Banks, a prominent botanist, and Daniel Solander, a Swedish naturalist, who led a team of scientists during the voyage.

You can also read the full transcript of the hints by using the Downloads button below.

If you compare the Earl of Morton’s hints to the Admiralty’s instructions, there are differences in their approaches.

Take a hint from the Earl of Morton’s instructions and compare it to the Admiralty instructions. Would it be possible to adhere to both at the same time?

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