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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds Hi, everyone. I want to welcome you again to this open two-week course on becoming career smart and selling yourself for success. We’ll start your journey by thinking through some big ideas, and also engage in some useful activities such as determine what a professional skill is and learn a new approach to identifying these. We will take some time to think deeply about your career, as well as how others in the public sphere become successful. You’ll figure out what the skill of communication is and analyse a popular real-world example of how this was done well. Additionally, we’ll take a look into when things have gone wrong in workplaces and how those problems were overcome.

Skip to 0 minutes and 43 seconds Thanks for joining me in this journey, and see you in the next step.

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Becoming career smart requires a myriad of skills, knowledge, and abilities, more than we could ever hope to learn on our own.

Self-reflection and learning from how others have approached becoming successful can help you tease out and identify skills that will make you 21st century career savvy.

We will be thinking through some big ideas: 21st century skills, new credentials, your digital profile, communication and success. We will learn that self-reflection is one of the underpinning approaches to understanding and revealing these.

Your task

What skills do you think will be required to survive and thrive in the ever-changing 21st century working environment? Discuss your ideas in the comments.

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