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Communication is a key skill to obtain

Your success

How do you define success from your point of view?

The only person who can really answer this question is you, as we have all experienced different forms of success in our life—small or big. Success is a multifaceted, interpretable, personal concept.

Think about a success you have experienced. For example, success for you may be simply setting a goal as the first step, it may be reaching a goal or trying your best to get there. Or it may be that going abroad and seeing a new place is being successful to you. It may be that having a family is your idea of success.

Your task

Think about and discuss how you conceive success. Use the following prompts as a guide for your discussion:

  • What event do you consider to be one of your biggest successes?
  • What was the biggest challenge in reaching that success?
  • What were the factors that made this a success?

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    Beyond your resume

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