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Self-reflection, self-evaluation and goal setting help us articulate our skills.

KFC’s #myplan

Corporations are increasingly developing programs that enable employees to become more self-reflective.

KFC ® Australia’s #myplan program provides a framework to engage team members in self-reflection, self-evaluation and goal setting. This helps them to understand the employability skills they have obtained in their career at KFC, and also prompts them to look for new career opportunities such as promotions or new roles inside and external to the organisation. It is an innovative plan for a large organisation to develop its’ staff and take them to new levels, which will benefit the employee and the company.

KFC developed the #myplan program to promote employee engagement and retention, as well as to identify a talent pipeline within the company.

KFC Australia’s chief people officer, Rob Phipps stated

It gives them more specific examples of where the conversations might go … It tells them how they should be planning for the conversations and takes them through all the different aspects to make sure that they’re set up in the right way to have this conversation.

Employees of KFC are encouraged to share their #myplan goals with parents, career advisors and other key stakeholders.

Your task

What’s your reflection on KFC’s #myplan approach? Do you think it could be useful for your workplace environment? Discuss in the comments section. Remember to like or respond to any other learners’ comments you find interesting.

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