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Catalan language on the web and Institut d'Estudis Catalans

In the video you can find out more about the Institute of Catalan Studies, the Catalan academy of sciences and humanities. The institution is a centre for Catalan studies and together with its sister sections and societies it promotes and conducts research in the different fields of science and technology, but mainly in all aspects of Catalan culture. It disseminates research and also hosts initiatives of other institutions that are closely linked to research and culture.

Below we provide you with several links where you will be able to get more information about the Catalan language and even learn it!

This video will help you find out about the numbers concerning the use of Catalan, with subtitles in several languages.

If you have been bitten by the bug to learn Catalan, you can do an online course on the Parla.cat website. You can learn Catalan, choosing different learning options and a host of e-resources available to learn more about Catalan culture.

You can also check out this site where you can learn some useful phrases for the day to day, ready for when you come to visit Catalonia. Here is a link where you can consult vocabulary organized into themes, accompanied by their respective images.

The Ramon Lull Institute has created a series to learn Catalan, with the help of subtitles in Catalan, lessons on grammar and vocabulary, so that you can find out more about Catalan today and have fun at the same time.

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Getting to Know Catalonia: An Introduction to the Catalan Language, Culture and Society

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