Interior of Sagrada Familia church
Interior of Sagrada Familia church

Catalan culture on the web

If you want to gain further knowledge of Catalan culture, we offer you some links that may be of interest to find out a little more about our traditions.

Previously we have spoken about “castells”, human towers. On this website you can learn about their history, what types of “castells” are built, and see some pictures.

The interview was recorded at the National Art Museum of Catalonia. If you want to see which works are housed in the Museum, you can take a virtual tour.

To learn more about the celebrations that are part of Catalan culture, why not check out the Festa Catalunya website.

As you can see, we have a rich and varied culture. We even have our own equivalent to Valentine’s Day, St. George’s day, which we celebrate on 23 April, when tradition says that a rose and a book must be exchanged between couples. To find out more about its origins, go to this website.

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