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...a very well-rounded view of Google Analytics overall. Thank you.

"It highlighted both the breadth and detail of information that Google can gather about website visitors but also emphasised the limitations. "

Become a Data Scientist

  • Best jobs in the UK#7
  • Median base salary£46,000

Explore the uses, methods and science of big data

In today’s technology-dependent world we generate huge amounts of information. This information is often called ‘big data’ and it has started to change our world in all sorts of ways. Managed poorly, big data can cause privacy problems that can threaten the very existence of organisations, but used and stored appropriately the insights it provides can help improve a wide range of services - from food supplies to healthcare.

Looking to get an introduction to big data? Or develop your big data skills further? Explore online big data courses, programs and degrees from major universities and organisations. Learn about big data analytics, data visualisation, data mining, mathematical modelling and more.

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