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I instantly thought about FutureLearn to see if there were any Italian language courses available as I knew there was one for Dutch a few years ago. Low and behold I found you have a series of 6 Italian language courses. I liked the voice clips embedded within the course as it’s a great aid in learning a new language.

Learner on Italian for Beginner program


A friend first told me about FutureLearn and linked me to the Introduction to Dutch course on the site. I had just been accepted to a master’s programme in the Netherlands and though the course was in English and didn’t require knowledge of Dutch, I still wanted to learn some basic language skills to help with day to day life there. The fact that FutureLearn was offering a free online course was really attractive but I also liked the idea of having other learners to talk to. Learning a new language can be hard and it really helps to have other beginners around, even if you’re just reading the comments.

Learner on Introduction to Dutch

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