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This course has given me a more comprehensive understanding of the psychology of the human mind and what makes us the people we are. In my role as a Specialist Support Worker, I will be able to effectively put into practice what I have learnt. Thank you.

Learner on Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation

I started the Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime course on FutureLearn because I love both art and history. I was really enjoying it but I was just doing it as a hobby. At the end of the course though, there was a list of further study options. Having enjoyed the course so much, it got me thinking that maybe I should try to broaden my field in regards to online master’s degrees. I’d found an online MSc in World Heritage Conservation and decided to just go for it. I put my application in and then I found I’d been accepted!

Learner on Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime

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