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Politics & the Modern World Courses

Dig deeper into the issues making the news - from new technology and social media to the energy crisis, inequality and the threat of new conflicts - with our online political science and international relations courses.
UCL (University College London)
Global Prosperity Beyond GDP
How can we think beyond GDP and build a prosperous economy that works better for people and the planet? Find out with this course.
Our animated court scene
University of York
From Crime to Punishment
What is crime? How does criminal justice work in England and Wales? Find out more by following a case through the system.
Houses of Parliament
UK Parliament Explored: Petitions
This course looks at how petitions to the UK Parliament work and explores their role in raising awareness and instigating change.
A drawn image of people walking across a globe
European University Institute (EUI)
Why Do People Migrate? Facts
Get an introduction to one of the most misunderstood issues in the modern world: migration.
An eclectic mix of architectural styles in the City Centre of Birmingham, UK.
European University Institute (EUI)
Cultural Heritage and the City
Discover how cities develop their own unique cultures and explore key concepts related to cultural heritage.
The next generation
Griffith University
Exploring Economics: Will the Next Generation Be Worse Off?
Will the next generation be better or worse off than their parents? Look at both sides of the debate and decide for yourself.
Football on grass
The University of Edinburgh
Explore the role of football in the world today - including finances, clubs, nations and rivalries - with this free online course.
Flags representing nation-states
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
International Affairs: Global Governance
Learn the importance of global governance and explore the processes and institutions finding solutions for global challenges.
The University of Sheffield
Making Sense of Data in the Media
Become a critical consumer of social statistics. Learn what numbers reveal, when and why they mislead, and how to spot fake news.
Global Systems Science: a crowd of people interacting
UNESCO UNITWIN Complex Systems Digital Campus
Global Systems Science and Policy
Learn how Global Systems Science can inform and model the impact of social, economic, political and environmental policy making.
Dignidad de escasos recursos en la riqueza natural
Desigualdades en América Latina y el Caribe
Explore nuevas estrategias de producción y gestión de conocimiento para mejorar las políticas frente a las desigualdades.
Auspicious Cranes, ink and color on silk by Emperor Huizong of Song, 1112.
Grenoble Ecole de Management
Global Studies: the End of Globalization?
Understand why some governments try to retrieve their sovereignty and leave global institutions.
Global Resource Politics
Hanyang University
Global Resource Politics
Understand the critical energy challenges the world faces and analyse the political economy of the global energy industry.
Many people crossing a road in a busy city
University College Dublin
Planetary Urbanisation
Whether you live in a city or not, urbanisation affects you. Learn more about the impact and challenge of urbanisation worldwide.
Men in hazmat suits and self-contained breathing apparatus
UNSW Sydney
Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Public Health Dimensions
An introduction to public health and wider responses to high-risk biological agent events, epidemics and bioterrorism.
Quilt with distinct colour and abstract patterns
European University Institute (EUI)
Cultures and Identities in Europe
What does it mean to be European? Discover European cultures, identities and policies with this course.
UEA (University of East Anglia)
Environmental Justice
Understand how climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation affect people, exploring justice in environment management.
A group of young people in India wearing face masks with social media logos on.
UCL (University College London)
Why We Post
Discover the varying uses of social media around the world and its consequences for politics, relationships and everyday life.
Bullet riddled Red Cross ambulance
UNSW Canberra
Military Ethics
We explore the ethical responsibilities that weigh on military professionals, who are ‘managers of violence’.
A crowd of protesters
University of Groningen
Religion and Conflict
Understand and analyse the role of religion in conflicts and peacebuilding in present-day societies, with this free online course.
Economic Globalisation has impacts on our society
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
International Affairs: Globalisation
Explore the pressing topic of globalisation and how it affects economics, politics and society with this online course.
case: bomb at a hospitaL
University of Bergen
Medical Peace Work
Learn about the vital role healthcare plays in violence prevention and peace-building both globally and locally
Planet Earth connected by an abstract communications network extending into space
University of California, Berkeley
Transparent and Open Social Science Research
Explore the drivers of the social science credibility crisis and learn tools to make your own work more open and reproducible!
City at night with a map of the world superimposed, with dotted lines joining different points on the map
European University Institute (EUI)
Why do People Migrate? Theories
Explore theories about migration in greater depth and learn how migration is a constant phenomenon throughout human history.
Eggs in a nest with one golden egg
The Open University
Challenging Wealth and Income Inequality
Explore the concerns about rising generational and economic inequality in developed countries, with this free online course.
Photo showing the green wall of the University of Leicester Passivhaus Centre for Medicine
University of Leicester
Concepts in Sustainable Development
Explore some of the key issues in sustainability, tackling the big questions with examples from around the world.
European flag overlaid on top of a photograph of Mostar Bridge
University of Groningen
European Culture and Politics
Learn about the link between identity, culture and politics in the construction of contemporary Europe.
Piles of coins
SOAS University of London
Understanding Public Financial Management
How do governments acquire and spend public money? Take a fresh look at public financial management with this free online course.
A needle artificially inseminating an egg
UCL (University College London)
Making Babies in the 21st Century
Explores the new reproductive technologies, the opportunities they provide, and the profound social challenges they pose.
The American South
Northumbria University Institute of the Humanities
The American South
Explore the fascinating history and culture of the American South from colonial times to the 21st century.
Millicent Fawcett, President of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, addressing a crowd in Hyde Park in 1913. The banner behinds Mrs Fawcett reads ‘Law-Abiding Suffragists’.
Royal Holloway, University of London
Beyond the Ballot
Explore the campaign for women’s right to vote and its impact on women’s rights and equality to the present day.
Image of military personnel
University of Bath
From State Control to Remote Control
Explore the impact and ethics of using drones, special ops units and private security firms, with this free online course.
A mother holds her daughter while a doctor checks the child with a stethoscope
University of Dundee
Tackling Inequalities Through Health and Social Care Design
This course will explore what inequalities are and how they can be reduced through health and social care.
A photograph of a pregnant woman’s stomach painted to look like a globe, representing the lottery of birth
The Open University
The Lottery of Birth
Birth is a lottery. Find out how your life chances are influenced by where, when and to whom you are born.