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Everyday physical activity opportunities

We asked parents about strategies that they have tried at home to encourage their children to be more active during everyday activities and here are some ideas they shared.

Hanging out the washing:

“Have the peg bag/bucket a distance away from the washing line and ask the child to run up to the peg bag and get a certain colour peg and bring it back.”

Listening to Music:

“Have children dance to music that encourages activity (e.g. Here we go Dorothy, Wombat Wobble).”

Folding the washing:

“Ask the children to separate the washing into different piles around the room for each member of the household.”

Craft or painting:

“Have children standing rather than sitting and enable children to move around the table to get to other colours/ materials. You could even try vertical painting.”

Share an experience or idea

There are so many strategies, ideas and games that can increase a child’s movement during everyday activities.

Conversation Starter

  • What is something you have tried? Share an experience or strategy for an everyday physical activity opportunity for children in the comments section.

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