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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds I like going on the swings the best and the slide. You can go outside and play. I like to do ballet. My favourite sport is football, because I watch it on the telly and I think I know how to play it pretty well. Get big and strong!

Skip to 0 minutes and 32 seconds Play games inside? You know, if it was sunny, I would rather be outside playing football. There’s also like a playground where there is actually like a fake road that you can ride your bike and scooters on. Yeah, and it’s really fun. It is. I like to and I like to jump and moving. Catching a ball? I can do that too. Play games with the balls? I usually play soccer at school or if the fields were or if the fields would be all taken, we would just play basketball.

Physical Activity: What the children have to say

Here’s what children have to say about physical activity…

Watch the above video and consider the following questions in your comments.

Conversation starter

  • What factors might be influencing children’s ideas and feelings about physical activity?
  • How important is physical activity in fighting childhood obesity?

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