Skip to 0 minutes and 14 secondsHANNAH KUPER: Welcome to Week 3. Last week, we built upon our knowledge of the healthcare needs of children with developmental disabilities and considered some solutions to the challenges to service access. In this, our final week, we will discuss the broader needs of children and their families and recognise how each link to a child's long term health and well-being. At the start of the week, we will focus on the role of carers and the importance of recognising their healthcare needs, especially their mental health and psychological well-being.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 secondsTOM SHAKESPEARE: Next, we will look at various case studies and hear from parents as we look to identify the broader needs of children with developmental disabilities. Finally, we'll look at those needs and rights in more detail as we consider topics such as social inclusion, education, and safeguarding. Importantly, we'll be discussing how you can work with other service providers to empower children and their families as they look to achieve a high quality of life.

Skip to 1 minute and 16 secondsHANNAH KUPER: We will end the course by looking ahead to your next steps so we can ensure that all that you've learned is translated into reality. As ever, please do keep sharing your reflections and experiences in the comments section of each step. We love to hear from you.

Welcome to Week 3

Here it is, our final week! Over the past two weeks we have improved our knowledge of healthcare services for children with developmental disabilities, and it is now time to consider the broader needs of both children and their families.

What will we learn?

In this week’s activities we will:

  • Recognise the healthcare needs of parents and caregivers
  • Discuss the broader needs and rights of children with developmental disabilities
  • Consider how best to help children and their families realise these needs and rights

As always, we hope you will continue to participate in the discussions with your fellow learners. We will provide a summary of the key themes from these discussions at the end of the week.

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