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A boy is playing basketball

Words for hobbies



  • 看(kàn)电影(diànyǐng)(watching movie)
  • 看(kàn)书(shū)(reading)
  • 听(tīng)音乐(yīnyuè)(listening to music)
  • 打(dǎ)篮球(lánqiú)(playing basketball)
  • 打(dǎ)网球(wǎngqiú)(playing tennis)
  • 踢(tī)足球(zúqiú)(playing football)
  • 爬(pá)山(shān)(climbing)
  • 游泳(yóuyǒng)(swimming)
  • 旅行(lǚxíng)(travelling)

What’s your hobby? Share it with us.我(Wǒ)喜欢(xǐhuan)……

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