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Culture Notes: The Chinese Spring Festival Gala

The Chinese Spring Festival Gala is the largest TV show in China, watched by almost every Chinese family on Chinese New Year’s Eve, to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one. It usually begins at 8 o’clock.

It has already become a ritual for Chinese families to watch the gala after their reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Generally, the show is composed of eight main categories, including musical songs, dancing, cross-talk, sketches, martial arts, acrobatics, magic games, traditional opera and drama.

All the performances in the TV program are well selected from all walks of life, which reflect the best parts of Chinese arts and culture. As the most watched television event, it is the most powerful medium for the promotion of inherited culture and tradition.

It has been nearly 40 years since the Chinese Spring Festival Gala was first held in 1983. Nowadays, although young people are less attracted to the performances in the TV program, they still enjoy watching it, because when they are watching the program, they are having a good time with their families. So for the Chinese, the Chinese Spring Festival Gala not only means lots of great performances but also means an excellent chance for a family reunion. When they are watching it, they can talk to each other and they can learn more about each other and about what has happened in the past year.

As we all know, Chinese New Year brings families together all over the world. During the festival, hundreds of thousands of people travel back to their homes to feast on a delicious reunion dinner with plates of homemade food and to enjoy the Chinese Spring Festival Gala with lots of traditional shows. The Gala functions as an opportunity for a family reunion.

The Chinese Spring Festival Gala 春晚 chūn wǎn

Chinese New Year’s Eve 除夕 chú xī

The gala begins at 8 o’clock. 春晚八点开始。Chūnwǎn bādiǎn kāishǐ.

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