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Culture Notes:Weather in Shanghai

The four seasons are distinct in Shanghai.

Spring comes in March, April and May. It is warm. The average temperature of Spring in Shanghai is 14℃. People often wear windbreakers, jackets, and light sweaters in Spring.

Summer comes in June, July and August. The average temperature is 28 Celsius. However, the maximum temperature is 37 Celsius in late July and early August. People often wear T-shirts, shorts and dresses. Mid-June to early July is the rainy seasons in Shanghai, also called the plum-rain season because during that period the plums mature. In Chinese, this period is called the Mei Yu. It is often cloudy and rainy which makes things go moldy, so people need to take actions to prevent mildew.

Autumn falls in September, October and November. The average temperature is 20℃, much warmer than Spring. In autumn, it is dry.

Winter falls in December, January and February. It’s cold in winter. The average temperature is 5℃. Sometimes it falls below freezing. It seldom snows in Shanghai. People often wear heavy coats and heavy sweaters.

four seasons: 四季 sìjì

Spring春天 chūntiān

Summer夏天 xiàtiān

Autumn秋天 qiūtiān.

Winter 冬天 dōngtiān.

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