Food and drinks

What would you like to eat/drink?

“shénme” means “what”. You can ask “Nǐ hē shénme?”(What do you drink?)”Nǐ chī shénme”(What do you eat?)Audio

Now let’s practice more words by answering the questions.

  • Wǒ hē kāfēi。— I drink coffee.
  • Wǒ hē kělè。— I drink cola.
  • Wǒ hē chá。— I drink tea.
  • Wǒ hē rè shuǐ。— I drink hot water.
  • Wǒ hē niúnǎi。— I drink milk.
  • Wǒ chī jiaozi。— I eat dumplings.
  • Wǒ chī miànbāo。— I eat bread.

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