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Congratulations and welcome to the end of the week!

Thank you again for following us so far. You’ve learned all the pronunciation and tones in Pinyin by now. Congratulations!

Initials zh ch sh r z c s are the most difficult to pronounce in Chinese Pinyin. Among them, sh and s should be easy for you. So you can use them to find the pronunciation position for other similar initials.

Compound finals starting with i u ü may take you some time to practice. Remember, when we write iu ui un, the main vowel are omitted. When marking a tone on these three vowels, you write like this : uī (u+ēi) iū (i+ōu) ūn.

After learning all the initials, finals and tones in Pinyin as well as some special rules, we believe you will be able to read Chinese well. We collected many questions from different students of different nationalities. In the next week, we will solve these problems to help you to improve your pronunciation.

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