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Overview of this week

What can you expect to learn from this week? Professor Daniel Brown is going to explain the topic: The Challenges of Assessing Renal and Hepatic Clearance

Summary of Week 4:

1. Differences between drug elimination via filtration and biotransformation.
2. How renal function can be estimated based on creatinine clearance (CLCr) or GFR, for purposes of adjusting drug dosing.
3. How to correct (CLCr) or GFR to a standard body size.
4. The inherent sources of error associated with the Cockcroft-Gault equation that relate to body weight and muscle mass.
5. How the hepatic first-pass effect impacts drug bioavailability.
6. Hepatic extraction and the difference between High E and Low E drug clearance.
7. How hepatic clearance is affected by QH, CLint, and fu, and also how those factors affect Css, CU, and bioavailability.

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