Overview of this week

What can you expect to learn from this week? Professor Daniel Brown is going to explain the topic: What Pharmacists Need to Know about Dosing Aminoglycosides and Vancomycin

Summary of Week 5:

1. The differences between time-dependent and concentration-dependent antibiotic killing.
2. Distinguish between AUC24 and AUIC.
3. Estimate vancomycin CL and identify the target values for vancomycin trough and AUIC.
4. Determine a vancomycin dosing regimen (loading dose, intermittent regimen or continuous infusion) based on CLCr, patient weight and severity of the infection.
5. How extended-interval dosing of aminoglycosides relates to concentration-dependent killing and a post-antibiotic effect.
6. How to use the Hartford nomogram and how to estimate aminoglycoside k and half-life.

We hope you enjoy.

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