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Overview of this week

What can you expect to learn from this week? Pharmacist Marcie Wu is going to explain the topic: Clinical application - vancomycin and gentamycin case practice

Summary of Week 6:

1. Calculate estimated gentamycin and vancomycin serum level based on the patient information and dosing information.
2. Determine when to draw gentamycin and vancomycin serum levels. Evaluate serum levels correctly if it is drawn inappropriately.
3. Identify the target level and provide dose adjustment recommendation based on drawn levels.
4. Describe the indications for monitoring serum gentamycin and vancomycin.
5. List monitoring parameters for clinical efficacy and safety of gentamycin and vancomycin.
6. Explain the limitation of gentamycin and vancomycin trough levels based on current literature and guideline recommendation.

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Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Dosing and Monitoring

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