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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsHello and welcome to this course. I'm Veena Rodrigues, Professor of Public Health and Medical Education at Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia in the UK. Now, I was expected to teach my juniors ever since I graduated from medical school. What struck me as odd all those years ago, was that I had absolutely no training at all for that role. I delivered it the best I could, intuitively building my expertise and creating my own educator toolbox, based on what worked in practice and what didn't.

Skip to 0 minutes and 39 secondsIt was only several years later that I had an opportunity to undertake a Master's Degree in Clinical Education, so I'm fully aware that some of you taking this course might be starting in exactly the same position as I did all those years ago. My motivation in creating this course was to help you to build your own educator toolbox and equip you for your role as an educator.

Skip to 1 minute and 6 secondsTeaching and facilitating learning is an integral part of clinical and educational supervisors roles, so whether you are a completely new supervisor or placement educator and want to build your knowledge and skills in this area, or you're an experienced supervisor, who's doing this course as part of your continuing professional development, I think this course will definitely help to improve your confidence as an educator. Our team has produced the course material based on real experiences of educators and learners in a variety of workplace settings, all underpinned by educational theory. Over the next three weeks, using videos case scenarios, articles, and links to reading material, this course will cover common challenges faced by educators in clinical settings.

Skip to 1 minute and 56 secondsWe will introduce you to educational theory, to factors affecting teaching and learning, and then discuss strategies to address these challenges in the workplace and to help your knowledge, skills and confidence as a contemporary educator. Now the course also includes a number of discussion steps which will give you the perfect opportunity to discuss ideas to share experiences and to interact with your fellow learners. The generic principles covered in this course should be applicable to all health professionals, within or outside the UK, irrespective of specialty and level of experience. I'm really looking forward to interacting with you over the next three weeks and hearing about your own experiences as educators. I hope you enjoy the course.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to this course, one of a set of 3 new courses for clinical supervisors. In this short video, Professor Veena Rodrigues will introduce you to the course, and to the topics you will be covering.

This course covers the theoretical and practical issues related to effective teaching and supervision so that you can facilitate learning among your students and trainees in clinical settings.

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Clinical Supervision: Teaching and Facilitating Learning

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