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We hope you are enjoying finding out to become a successful coach in the knowledge era and learning key coaching skills.

This is the first course in a series developed collaboratively between Deakin University and Paddy Upton, business coach and coach of several successful international cricket teams. Together, the courses will help you further develop your coaching practice.

There are three more courses in the series currently:

  • In Player-centred Coaching, you’ll explore coach-centred and player-centred coaching approaches, and learn how to apply key skills to your own practice. Starts 21 May 2018. Enrol here.

  • Find out why self-awareness is so important in coaching and leadership, and learn strategies to apply to your own practice in The Self-aware Coach. Starts 25 June. Enrol here.

  • Learn to use a range of coaching principles and strategies to create a positive and supportive team culture in Team Coaching. Starts 18 June 2018. Enrol here.

We recommend completing Coaching in the Knowledge Era, Player-centred Coaching and The Self-aware Coach before commencing Team Coaching.

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