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Beat boredom and expand your horizons

The introduction of lockdown measures across much of the globe in response to the coronavirus pandemic has led to many millions of people being advised to stay inside as much as possible.

While ‘shelter in place’ measures are vital for halting the spread of COVID-19, they have had the unintended consequence of leaving many people with long hours at home, wondering how to fill their new-found free time.

Online courses are ideal for staying active and engaged during lockdown – and FutureLearn has a huge range to keep you busy.

Learning a new language, for example, is a great way to use your time to learn a new skill. Meanwhile, having a hobby can be beneficial for maintaining mental wellbeing while in isolation, as well as giving you a task to focus on that isn’t work or family.

Whether you’d always wanted to explore your genealogy, were fascinated by true crime, or wanted to learn how to write a song – or even start a podcast – FutureLearn’s free online courses from top educators have you covered.

Our courses are designed to be completely online, and encourage you to discuss each step with fellow learners from across the globe – meaning they’re a great way to meet with and chat to new people in the same situation as you.

Staying social is a great way to stave off boredom – and learning something new along the way is even better. Browse our eclectic and engaging courses now, and make boredom history.