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Develop your creative skills with these free online courses

Don’t wait for creative inspiration to strike, get started now with this collection of free online creative courses.

Taught by leading figures in film, music, art and literature these courses will kickstart your creativity.

Start storytelling

Discover how to tell compelling stories in different mediums.

Learn how to make a film

Explore the process of filmmaking, from learning how to make your own visual effects and how to get your film noticed online, to going behind the scenes of feature filmmaking.

Improve your writing

Master how to write good fiction with advice from established writers, and learn from a Scottish legend by exploring the poetry and songs of Robert Burns.

Make music

Understand how and why music affects us and then learn how to write powerful music yourself with an introduction to songwriting.

Find a new career

Find a creative vocation, discover a new hobby or develop a new skill - from commercial photography to performance to running a fashion business. You could be the next big thing.

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