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Journey through the history of England with these online courses

The history of England is a vast and fascinating topic. This collection of free online courses will introduce you to some of the landmark events and key characters in English history - from Roman times to the 20th century.

Each online course has been developed by expert historians and archaeologists from leading UK universities. They will give you access to archive materials and archaeological artefacts, and transport you to important locations in the history of England - from Hadrian’s Wall to continental battlefields to the farthest reaches of the British Empire.

Through these courses you can learn more about English history, including:

Roman Britain

Find out what life was like on Hadrian’s Wall - the most heavily fortified frontier of the Roman Empire. Meet the people of the frontier and consider the issues of colonisation, immigration, integration and imperialism.

Medieval England

Understand key events in the history of England in the Middle Ages: the signing of the Magna Carta; the Battle of Agincourt; and the Wars of the Roses, which culminated in Richard III’s death at the Battle of Bosworth.

England in the 19th century

Discover how the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, or explore the rise and fall of the British Empire, considering the legacy of imperialism around the world today.

Whichever period in the history of England fascinates you, these English history courses will help you learn more about it.

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