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Develop the tools to better manage your mental health during lockdown

The abrupt changes to our lifestyle brought about by lockdown can be difficult to come to terms with. Whether you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or lonely, it can be helpful to develop coping tools and strategies to improve your mindset and mental wellbeing.

While a course may not help you feel completely better, they can offer information which you can use to help yourself and others feel more in control of your mental health during this time.

Manage anxiety and depression

Before the coronavirus lockdown, 1 in 4 adults in the UK experienced mental health problems each year. During the lockdown, it’s likely that this figure is even higher. Mental health issues are a normal response to extraordinary circumstances, and new habits and routines can help to reduce your symptoms and support you at this challenging time.

Develop resilience

Resilience won’t only help you get through this lockdown – it can also help you with stress management and difficult periods in the future. Developing solid strategies for managing your thoughts and feelings now will help you and your household respond to this challenge, as well as future ones.

Protect your mental health

If you haven’t suffered mental health problems until now, you may not have practised or understood the importance of self-care and protecting your mental health from outside influences. This collection of courses will help you to build methods of protecting your long-term mental wellbeing.