Reading a weather map

In this second exercise, your task is to identify what the weather is currently doing in each of the marked examples (Figures 1–4). Don’t worry about how the weather might change in the future.

Think in particular about where the wind is coming from, how strong it is, whether you would expect rain and whether you think the sky will be cloudy or not.

Write your answers in the comment section below. For those of you who wish to print the diagrams, a PDF is available at the bottom of this Step.

If you get stuck, need more help or just want to check your answers don’t worry. You’ll be able to see Sylvia work through this and the previous activity in the next Step.

Figure 1: Example one

A weather map of the UK. Glasgow, Norwich and Exeter are marked on the map.

Glasgow (G) Norwich (N) Exeter (E)

Figure 2: Example two

A weather map of the UK. Aberdeen, Galway and London are marked on the map.

Aberdeen (A) Galway (G) London (L)

Figure 3: Example three

A weather map of the UK. Tiree, Carlisle and Norwich are marked on the map.

Tiree (T) Carlisle (C) Norwich (N)

Figure 4: Example four

A weather map of the UK. Tiree, Leeds and Brighton are marked on the map.

Tiree (T) Leeds (L) Brighton (B)

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