Summing up Week 2

This marks the end of the second week of the course, we hope that you have enjoyed it and found it interesting so far.

Hopefully, by the end of this week you should feel that you are happier:

  • Describing the weather features associated with depressions, anticyclones and the four main air masses which affect the UK
  • Investigating local weather conditions using readily available instruments.

Let us know how you got on this week in the comments below.

We’ve provided a comprehensive list of online teaching resources to accompany each week, which you may find useful- particularly if you are a teacher. You can download this here.

Next week, we’ll look at the bigger picture – the factors which control the Earth’s climate, as well as the motion of the atmosphere and oceans. We’ll also focus in on some of the processes operating specifically in the Tropics. There’s also a final chance to have a go at forecasting the weather – if you have already had a go, can you use your new understanding of mid-latitude weather to try and improve your score?

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