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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds Hello again, thank you for taking part in the course I would like to reflect on our three week journey together.  I’m reminded about why we wanted to make this course. We put it together, because our research highlighted how family carers were often uncertain and unprepared for the future. The need for information and extra support as dementia progresses was very clear to us. We developed this course to address some of these needs and challenges. We have been thrilled to see how you have contributed your thoughts, tips and experiences creating a supportive community.  As practitioners, and researchers, we have learned a lot from reading your comments.

Skip to 0 minutes and 49 seconds You have embraced challenges like planning for the future, and it has been heartening for us that so many of you have been empowered to take practical steps that we know  will make a difference to you and the person you support. You have also helped each other to recognise how important your own needs are, as carers. You have met many of our friends and colleagues over the last three weeks and we’re really grateful for their honesty and insight – we couldn’t have made this course without them. We will be running this course again,  so do encourage family, friends and colleagues to sign up. And thank you once again for joining us and for your contributions.

Reflecting on our journey

We hope you have a better understanding of dementia, how things change as the condition progresses, how it may affect the person you support, and you as a carer. We hope you feel more confident and prepared for the future and that you have enjoyed learning with us.

Final reflections from Louise

In our final video, Professor Dame Louise Robinson reflects on our journey over the last three weeks.

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