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Choose a photo that is meaningful for you


There are different practice tools that you can use to help Caring Conversations happen more of the time. In this step, we are going to introduce you to one tool, called photoelicitation.

Photoelicitation opens up conversation using images. Images can evoke emotion and help you to gather deeper and more varied responses from someone about an experience than questioning alone. NHS Education for Scotland have produced a set of images called Envision cards, which are used by health and social care professionals when they want to open up conversations with patients, residents, staff and families.

On the NES website, you can download a set of Envision cards.

Choose one of the image cards that sums up how you feel about conversations in your workplace. If you cannot access the Envision cards, simply choose an image of your own or from the internet that represents your feelings. Share the image and your reasons for selecting it on the Padlet board. To open it in a new tab, right-click on the link. You can also comment on other learners’ selections, if you like.

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