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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds Hi there. Did you ever wonder how group phenomena like fashions and fads come about? And did you ever wonder why such large groups of people apparently behave the same? Me too. I’m puzzled by these kinds of phenomena, and I would like to tell you today about the principles behind this and how individual behaviour through means of communication leads to these very intriguing group processes. And the main principle behind it is called emergence. Emergence tells us how individual behaviour will be communicated between people and how it results in most fascinating group behaviours. Why is this important? If we understand how this behaviour grows in groups.

Skip to 1 minute and 1 second We understand a lot of social issues that are high on the research agenda nowadays and also for practical management. Think about the transition in our energy system and understanding the principles of this helps us in finding out new ways of managing these kinds of group processes. In the next step, you will have a look at a video that clearly explains how these interactions take place in the group of metronomes.

An introduction to emergence

This first video gives an introduction to emergence. What is emergence?

The following steps will give further explanation to this topic and examples.

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